The Company acts by dealing with the causes of pollution: wastes, especially the biomass wastes or fresh wastes which cannot be efficiently dealt with. Since biomass wastes increase every day and accumulate more and more, the provision for landfills starts to be inadequate. Therefore, we focus on researching systems and machines that can deal with wastes continuousely, on a daily basis. That is, we will process wastes and turn them into organic fertilizer of good quality to benefit agriculture. This is our process to create maximum value, help reduce the pollution problem and create benefits from solving the problem. At present, the machine transforming biomass wastes into organic fertilizer produced by other companies is defective as it takes a long time in processing. It wastes energy and deteriorates rapidly. The fertilizer produced are not good; they are wet, soft stink and are not convenient fertilisers for storage and to use again. Moreover, the process uses microbes to mix with the fertilizer; this wastes valuable microbes. We aim to solve the deficiencies in the original machine by using a smaller area and taking a shorter processing time, and removing wastes without accumulating them. It is an innovation on improving the environment for the benefit of human beings.
Sector: Environment
Country: Thailand
Area of Application: Environment, Energy, Innovative of products.
Keywords: machine,transform,biomass,wastes,organic,fertilizers
Advantages: This machine to transform biomass wastes into organic fertilizers in 24 hr. for utilized and facility.Result organic fertilizers and enery with gas, electric etc.
Environmental aspects: Cleaner Production , Waste utilization, Energy efficiency , Systems integration , Not Applicable
Development Status: Idea , Design , Laboratory Model , Pilot Plant, Commercial Prototype , Fully Commercialized
Legal Protection: Trade Mark, Patent, Technology License and Copyright
Technical specifications: - capacities size : 2-10 ton/day (wastes) - organic fertilizer : 20% of wastes - Electrical : 3 phase 380/220 VAC. 23KVA - Machine Size :1.5 x 10 x 3.5 m.(up to Capacities) - Control Panel : 0.95
Transfer Terms: Consultancy , Subcontracting , Joint Venture , Technical Services , Technology Licensing , Equipment Supply , Turnkey, Others
Target Countries: World Wide
Estimated cost (US$): 60000
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Contact Person: Thai Central Mechanics Co.Ltd.(Thailand)
Address: 1 moo 10 Soi Watmahawong, Poochaosamingprai Rd, T.Samrong A.Phrapradaeng
City: Samutprakarn
Country: Thailand
Zip/Pin Code: 10130

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