Improved Hand Cart
In developing and under developed countries, hand carts are widely used in urban, sub-urban and rural areas for transporting agricultural, industrial, housing and other materials. Loading, dragging and unloading of materials with conventional hand carts involves much drudgery. Besides, it is a time a consuming, labor oriented and monotonous job. The advantages of the improved hand cart over the conventional ones are: 1. Easy to load, drag and unload materials 2. Possible to handle much more load. 3. Easy to run over bridges and undulated terrains. 4. The torque booster attached with the cart can be applied when (a) much power is required to start dragging or when (b) the wheel[s] are to be rolled out from ditches. 5. Attached shields to protect the operator from exposure to sun and rain. 6. The operator need not balance the cart during dragging, loading and unloading. 7. Saves labor as only one man can handle all operations including loading of heavy materials [like logs, machines, concrete pillars, steel rods and pipes etc] and dragging the same. 8. The special purpose head lamp attached could help to efficiently utilize the cart during night also. 9. Quick and safe dumping of materials including bricks possible. 10. Container handling facility attached for quicker handling of materials including fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and industrial products including chemicals. 11. Can be used as a very economical substitute to lorries when short distance transporting is needed. 12. Reduces human drudgery involved in loading, dragging and unloading. The improved hand cart is under development stage.
Sector: Transport Engineering
Country: India
Area of Application: Transporting/materials handling
Keywords: Materials handling
Advantages: An appropriate technology for rural transporting operations.
Environmental aspects:  
Development Status: Laboratory Model
Legal Protection:  
Technical specifications: Capacity : upto 3 tons Weight : Depending on size and materials of construction Running speed : More than conventional ones
Transfer Terms: Turnkey
Target Countries: India
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Contact Person: Department of agriculture
Address: Innova Reserach Centre Pvt Ltd Ochanthuruth, Kochi, 682508,india
City: cochin
Country: India
Zip/Pin Code: 682508

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