On-line Payment/Charging System
This technology is a value-storing type smart card that allows charging/payment via the internet. Payment/charging are performed by authentication of the server. A card holds an original secret key, which is encoded on the card before the card is delivered to the user, and works only by the instructions of the encrypted value which uses induced keys again from separately stored keys at each time of charging/paying, performs decoding of the encryption value and verification of reliability in the card, while a server delivers a coding message requested by the card with the induced value from the same key concealed in HSM or Host SAM, etc. This kind of server authentication type on-line charging/payment system is a high-grade encryption method that cannot be hacked or duplicated, and which makes it possible to charge/pay via a PC that is connected to internet, at any time and place of the user’s choosing. The user need not to go a specific location to charge their card, but may charge it with a credit card, or using mileage, points, etc. or in an off-line franchise office equipped with a separate terminal, or even in an on-line shopping mall.
Sector: Information Technology
Country: Korea, Democratic People's Republic Of
Area of Application: On-line charging/payment systems are not the only systems that use value-storing devices like electronic currency. Value storing devices are also used in the public transportation fare collection system, railroad/air/ship and other ticket issuing system, pay TV in hotel, gift certificate, coupons etc. use the smart card base system of value storing/paying for all use.
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