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Digital Convergence product consolidating TV, PVR, radio, DVD player, mp3 player and other existing image, audio household electronic products. - Easily implement not only existent HTPC function but other various multi-media functions to TV screen by using simple UI (user interface) and remote controller for easy handling. - Storing, editing and management of a range of multi-media material thanks mega-capacity HDD in PC base.(Contents Server role) - implementation of home security and surveillance system monitoring via remote location. - control function of remote PC by IP retrieving in home. - TV portal has internet function, and allows watching and listening to updated news on TV. - implementation of SMS function for messaging between users.
Sector: Information Technology
Country: Korea, Democratic People's Republic Of
Area of Application: - Usable as a home entertainment device, like preservation of TV recording, DVD, Jukebox, games, etc. - Use as HTPC for internet banking, booking tickets and other TV portal function. - Use as home network hub to make a remote control and surveillance system possible.
Keywords: Computer and system software > Intelligent type robot > Network base robot software technology
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Country: Korea
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