Letter Input S/W for Mini Keyboard
1. It improves the shortcomings of the existing Korean letter input method (Hangeul 80), developing the easiest possible input method by reinforcing 10 conveniences > Keyboard Layout is easy to remember  > Simple Input Rule  > Fast Input System > Left-Right Division of Vowels and Consonants allows for Convenient Two-Handed Typing > Vowel Input Method with the lowest possibility of typing errors  2. English letter input method (LM91) is easy, fast, and simple. > It allows for the free input of separate characters and words from the database. > The user inputs a word by typing the first 1~2 letters and the last 1 letter, a very simple and rapid system that leads to the lowest error rates. > Even if the user doesn’t know the spelling of a long word, the user can input the word quickly by using the first and last letters. 3. In the touch-screen input system of PDA and tablets, this keyboard solves the problem of many tiny letters in the small LCD window. > The number of letter is small, and the size of the letter is large. > It has 4 block shells, and you can input the letters allotted to each shell by dragging the representative letters.  > As the fingering distance for the selection of letters is short, rapid input of letters is possible > Letters are displayed with the touch pen, and they are input by dragging them to the letter direction.
Sector: Information Technology
Country: Korea, Democratic People's Republic Of
Area of Application: 1. Home phone, mobile phone, and smart phone etc. that allow for the input of letters 2. PDA, tablet etc. that allow for touch-screen type letter input. 3. Two-way TV, DMB, PC, Navigation, and Remote Controllers that can use letters, such as those currently under development.
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