Development Technology of Frame Base Application
* Usage: SI/Solution development * Function : Framework based web-applied program development Solution * Application fields: Production, financing, public, national security, education, services and all other fields. * Applied tasks: Overall OLTP and ERP, CRM, SCM,etc. * Features 1. Generic High Level Framework 2. Automatic concurrent creation, editing of Web Tier, Business Tier, Data Access Tier. 3. All products creating in PackFrame™ made by pure Java code are easily customized by the developer and easy concurrence with J2EE support products. 4. Development Solution supporting for whole process of web-base development. 5. Supply screen Designer of WYSIWYG method. 6. Supply with maximum productivity with minimum training and practice of development. 7. Support for multi-languages and User Locale. 8. Smooth screen formation, Basic CRUD + More …. 9. Web Applied program development via browser. * PackFrame™ system requirements. • Java Development Kit 1.4.1 or later • WebLogic Application Server 8.1 • Connectivity to JDBC (Oracle 8I or Later) • Windows NT 4.0 SP6, Windows 2000,Windows XP, Linux or Unix • 250 MB of Free disk space(excluding the database) • CPU – 2.5 GHz or Faster • Main Memory – 1.5 GB or more * Client : IE 6.0 or Later * Version release and additional function. • Porting – end of 2004 Jboss, Websphere, JEUS, MySQL, DB2, HPUX • Work Space For Individual Developers – end of 2004 • Report – June, 2005 • Web Service , Work Flow – end of 2005 • Business Rule Engine – June, 2006
Sector: Information Technology
Country: Korea, Democratic People's Republic Of
Area of Application: ERP, CR, etc. of enterprise business development, etc.
Keywords: Information Technology
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Transfer Terms: Technical Services , Technology Licensing
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Country: Korea
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