Antenna for Mobile Communication Terminal
This technology is composed of a radiation part of a square loop type on a printed circuit board and a longitudinal pattern forming an electricity-supplying part, with the radiation part on one side and the pattern forming of the ground part parallel with the longitudinal direction along the both sides of the above electricity supply part apart by setting gap. Also, this technology installed electricity supply and earth parts on same plain of printed circuit board for supplying electricity to form waveguide, of which design is named so-called Coplanar Waveguide ('CPW') structure. And compared with traditional macro-strip supplying electricity method, this method shows relatively remarkable excellent radiation characteristics to oppress radiation maximum at electricity supply part. Moreover, due to being produced by the square loop type, it shows relatively excellent radiation characteristics compared with traditional patch type. The superiority of the technology is approved by relatively less restrictions of loop type design, but sufficient possible extending of the length even in low frequency band range is another merit.
Sector: Information Technology
Country: Korea, Democratic People's Republic Of
Area of Application: This technology is implemented to the parts of mobile communication terminal and the increase of usage is expected responding to minimizing and high functionalizing trend of mobile communication terminal, and through technology development like design change and others, the usage rate would be high level due to possible implementation to other wireless communication devices.
Keywords: Wireless communication > Electric wave technology > Antenna technology
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