Food-Paste Moulding Machine
The food - paste moulding machine produces cylindrical - shape food paste with both ends sealed. This machine enables faster production of food-paste with consistent size and hygienic, which increase business potential in bigger market both locally and abroad. Colour-coated steel provides framework for the moulding machine, which houses 3 stainless steel rollers. These rollers are driven by a 1/3 horsepower motor and the distance between rollers can be adjusted to mould cylindrical pieces with diameter between 20-60 mm. And length between 25-300 mm. The machine produces 100-500 pieces per hour. It is also easy to use, maintain, and clean.
Sector: Food Processing
Country: Thailand
Area of Application: The process of the machine is, firstly, putting the paste in the space between the lower pair of rollers and control diameter of the pieces by pulling the lever. Push down the top roller until touch the surface of the paste and then switch on the machine. All three rollers will roll with the same speed to shape cylindrical pieces in 50 seconds. The dimaeter-controlling lever is released before the cutting blade cuts a long piece into smaller pieces with specified size. When the cutting blade is released , the product falls into the receiving tray waiting for final wrap up step.
Keywords: Food Moulding Machine
Advantages: The result of this machine is enhances productivity, the finished products come in regular shape and size with high quality in food hygiene. Therefore, this machine is another innovation which responds to the need of community business to produce food paste.
Environmental aspects: Cleaner Production
Development Status: Commercial Prototype
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Transfer Terms: Technology Licensing
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Contact Person: Coordinate
Address: Office of Permanent Secretary Ministry of Science and Technology Rama VI Road , Ratchathevi
City: Bangkok
Country: Thailand
Zip/Pin Code: 10400

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