Membrane technology for Water Filtration System
Access to safe water is a fundamental need and basic human right, and is also a target under the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals. The World Health Organization estimates that about 1.2 billion people worldwide lack access to clean drinking water. Two million people a year, many of them children and the elderly, die from preventable waterborne diseases. Siemens Water Technologies is working with the SkyJuice Foundation of Sydney, Australia, to provide a reliable source of clean drinking water to communities without a safe water supply. Low maintenance, simple operation and high efficiency SkyHydrant water filtration units convert contaminated water into clean, potable water that exceeds the World Health Organization’s (WHO) requirements for potable water. Designed for affordable community water supply and disaster relief applications, the SkyHydrant unit is compact and portable with a robust design. The technology is based on chlorine disinfection combined with a self-contained Memcor low-pressure membrane filtration system from Siemens that operates under minimal feed pressure without the need for power and conditioning chemicals. The SkyHydrant removes particulates, bacteria, protozoa and other pathogenic material greater than 0.1 micron, and produces a minimum of 10,000 litres per day of potable water. The self-cleaning unit can be easily transported, installed and operated with minimal training and operator interface. The treated water should be chlorinated to ensure protection against post-treatment contamination. For more information, contact: Mr. Franz-Ferdinand Friese Schuhstraße 60 91052 Erlangen Germany Tel: +49 (9131) 7-46032 Fax: +49 (9131) 7-25074 E-mail: [email protected] Web:
Sector: Disaster Management and Mitigation
Country: India
Area of Application: water Purification, Disaster Management
Keywords: Portable, Water purification, Membrane
Advantages: 1. Ease in transportation 2. The self-cleaning unit can be easily transported, installed and operated with minimal training and operator interface. 3. Low cost
Environmental aspects: Not Applicable
Development Status: Fully Commercialized
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