Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Energy Technology (USA)
The technology to mine the heat from the hot rock found almost everywhere at some depth beneath the surface of the earth was conceived and developed at Los Alamos. Conceptually, hot dry rock (HDR) heat mining is quite simple. The key element in successful heat mining is the development of an engineered geothermal reservoir in a hot body, impermeable rock. The point in a hot rock body at which an HDR reservoir is created is determined by the selection of the location on the surface from which the injection well is drilled and the depth within the wellbore at which the water is injected into the hot rock, while the overall size of the reservoir is a direct function of the total amount of water pumped into the rock during its development. Although these parameters can be engineered, the shape, orientation, and internal structure of the reservoir, are entirely functions of the local geologic conditions and are, at present, beyond human control. For this reason, it is important to understand the local geology before attempting to develop an HDR reservoir. As an HDR reservoir is being formed, rock blocks are moved very slightly by the injected water. These small movements give rise to low frequency stress waves similar to, but much smaller than, those caused by earthquakes. Microseismic technology has been developed to identify these signals and locate their points of origin. The data from many such signals provide a picture of the size, shape, and orientation of the reservoir. With this information in hand, production wells can be drilled into the reservoir to most efficiently tap the superheated water that has been injected. For more information, contact: U.S. DOE Programs Director, Geothermal Group Division Allan Jelacic, E-mail: [email protected] Enhanced Geothermal Systems Paul Grabowski, E-mail: [email protected] Los Alamos Group EES-4 HDR - General Information Contact: James Albright, E-mail: [email protected] Los Alamos Group EES-1 HDR Resource Identificiation and Verification Contact: Grant Heiken, E-mail: [email protected] Princeton Economic Research, Inc. (PERI) Enhanced Geothermal Systems Contact: Lynn McLarty, E-mail: [email protected] Kansas State Univesity Geothermal Reservoir Modeling Contact: Daniel Swenson, E-mail: [email protected] The Massachussetts Institute of Technology HDR Economic Studies Contact: Jefferson Tester, E-mail: [email protected]; Howard Herzog, E-mail: [email protected]
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