Efficient Renewable Free Fuel Power Solution (USA)
The PureCycle® geothermal system is a closed-cycle process that uses geothermal water to generate 225 kW of electrical power. The system is driven by a simple evaporation process and is entirely enclosed, which means it produces no emissions. The only byproduct is electricity, and the fuel – hot water – is a renewable resource. In fact, after the heat is extracted for power, the water is returned to the earth for re-heating, resulting in the ultimate recycling loop. Free fuel, coupled with low operating and maintenance costs, ensure this system will have an extremely attractive payback. The PureCycle® geothermal system can operate on a wide range of geothermal resource temperatures starting as low as 165°F (74°C). By operating at lower temperatures than conventional geothermal systems, the PureCycle® geothermal system enables geothermal wells deemed unproductive because they are below 300°F (149°C) to become viable energy sources once again. How the PureCycle® geothermal system works 1. Geothermal water is pumped from the ground and enters the evaporator to heat the system working fluid until it is vaporized. The geothermal water is then re-injected into the ground. 2. Hot vaporized working fluid then enters the power module and drives a turbine to create electrical power. 3. The expanded vapor cycles through a condenser where it is cooled and condensed to liquid form. 4. The cooled liquid is then sent to the pump, boosted in pressure and sent back to the evaporator. For more information, contact: UTC Power 195 Governor's Highway South Windsor, CT 06074 USA Tel: (860) 727-2200 Website: www.utcpower.com
Sector: Renewable Energy Technologies
Country: India
Area of Application: Geothermal energy
Keywords: Renewable, Free fuel power solution
Environmental aspects: Cleaner Production
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