Low-cost Modular Turbine Systems (UK)
The low-cost modular turbine system is based around a polymer moulded rotor and stator unit. The complex geometrical shapes typical of any turbine are ideal for polymer moulding. We can produce a finished turbine rotor or stator relatively quickly, using low-cost materials. The turbine itself is a ‘back-to-back reaction turbine’. The water enters at the centre of the rotor and is discharged in equal quantities from the two ends. This means that there is zero net axial thrust on the rotor which minimises bearing wear. The flexible but tough material used for the rotor and stator also absorb the energy of waterborne particles (they effectively ‘bounce off’), minimising erosion. The whole design is ‘modular’ which reduces the amount of site-specific design work that has to done, and the level of local expertise required. The other system components are similarly innovative, including a fibreglass volute casing and a modular chassis system. The whole system is weatherproof so there is no need for an expensive turbine house. The overriding factors that have driven the design are low cost, ease of installation and minimal, simple, maintenance requirements. The company can manufacture four rotor sizes; 200, 300, 400 and 600 m The company is working on mating our turbine to a permanent magnet synchronous generator with power electronic power conditioning. This will enable the turbine to operate as a variable speed machine, optimising efficiency over a wider flow and head range and allowing local power conditioning, such as varying the amount of reactive power generated. This flexibility will make integrating the system in local electricity distribution networks more straightforward, especially in developing countries. The system can also be operated as a standalone system with resistive dump load to dissipate excess energy. Several prototype systems have been installed and tested. They are currently designing the first commercial installations which will be located close to our office in Oakford (near Tiverton), Devon. For further information, contact: Hydro generation Wimberley Mill, Knapp Lane, Brimscombe Stroud GL5 2TH UK Phone: (+44) 0845 094 1802 Fax: (+44) 0845 094 1803
Sector: Renewable Energy Technologies
Country: India
Area of Application: Hydro power generation
Keywords: Modular turbine system
Environmental aspects: Energy efficiency
Development Status: Commercial Prototype
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Contact Person: UN-ESCAP/APCTT
Address: C-2 Qutab Institutional Area
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