Food-borne Pathogen Detection using Conventional and Modern Biotechnological Methods
We are a Biotechnology Research and Development Organization specialized in design and development of various analytical tools used to assay various food and water samples for the presence of pathogenic microbes. We can provide effective solutions with greater levels of accuracy in detecting food-borne and water-borne pathogens including 1) Bacteria 2) Fungi 3)Protozoans 4) Viruses
Sector: Biotechnology
Country: India
Area of Application: Food and Water Industry/ Diagnosis
Keywords: Food-borne,Water-borne, Pathogens, Detection, Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses, Protozoans, PCR, qPCR, DNA, Microbiology
Advantages: 1. Detection limits - 1-10 cfu 2. Detection with in 24 hours 3. Higher specificity 4. Detection upto species and sub species level 5. Cost-effective, efficient approach 6. Compliance to international standards
Environmental aspects: Not Applicable
Development Status: Laboratory Model
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Transfer Terms: Consultancy , Joint Venture , Technical Services , Research Partnerships
Target Countries: World Wide
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Contact Person: Bioserve Biotecnolgies, Maryland, USA
Address: 3-1-135/1A, CNR Complex, Mallapur Main Road, R.R.District
City: Hyderabad
Country: India
Zip/Pin Code: 500076

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