Furanics Biofuels (The Netherlands)
By applying advanced high-throughput R&D technology, Avantium has developed a next generation of biofuels, called 'Furanics', which can be derived from sugars and other carbohydrates The Avantium technology company has developed the next generation biofuel with superior economics and properties in comparison to current biofuels. Avantium Furanics have advantageous qualities over current biofuels, such as bioethanol and biodiesel. The company has successfully completed an engine test to demonstrate the potential of its novel biofuel. The test was carried out by Intertek, in Geleen, The Netherlands, an independent test centre. Using a Citroen Berlingo with a regular diesel engine, Avantium tested a wide range of blends of Furanics with regular diesel. The test yielded positive results for all blends tested. The engine ran smoothly for several hours. Exhaust analysis uncovered a significant reduction of soot (fine particulates). On top of this, Furanics do not contain any sulphur, a significant environmental benefit compared to oil-based fuels. The production process of Furanics has an excellent fit with existing chemical process technology and infrastructure. Ultimately our ambition is to develop biofuels that are competitive with fossil based fuels'. The company plans to undertake an additional, comprehensive engine tests in 2008 to study engine performance and long terms effects of Furanics. Avantium also announced the filing of over a dozen patent applications on the production and use of Furanics as part of the company strategy to build an extensive patent portfolio for its biofuels programme. Carbohydrates are globally the most abundantly available biomass feedstock. The company is developing chemical, catalytic routes to produce Furanics. Next to their application as a biofuel, Avantium Furanics can also be used for the production of bio-based plastics, and bulk and specialty chemicals. For further information, contact: Avantium Technologies Zekeringstraat 29 Amsterdam 1014 BV The Netherlands Tel: +31 20 586 8080 Web: www.avantium.com
Sector: Renewable Energy Technologies
Country: India
Area of Application: Biomass energy
Keywords: Biofuels, Furanics biofuels
Environmental aspects: Cleaner Production
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