Ethanol from Molasses Using Sacharomyces Cerevisiae fermentation
Introduction Ethyl alcohol is one of the most important essential chemicals which are used widely for making many organic chemicals. In India , industrial ethyl alcohol is provided from the fermentation of molasses. Features 1) Refined ethyl alcohol which is famous as pure alcohol , is a colorless , fluid , inflammable liquid that has an alcoholic odor and a special flavor. 2) Specific gravity at - 15.6 centigrade degree - 0.7935 centigrade degree. 3) Boiling point - 78.4 centigrade degree. 4) Ignition point - 18.3 centigrade degree. 5) Ethyl alcohol is a hygroscopic , mixable with most organic liquids and a very good solvent. This material has solvability with any ratio in water. Application and usage cases : Moreover the principal consumption of ethylic alcohol in providing alcoholic drinks , it is used for providing and extracting some drugs , making tincture and also providing other medical and pharmaceutical matters. Also ethyl alcohol is applied widely as an solvent for polishes , lacs and different colors. Ethyl alcohol is applied directly for providing many chemical compounds. To study the industrial places : Production way Alcoholic fermentation is done widely by the culture of sacharomyces cerevistac yeast in special fermentation containers and with initial yeast (primary ferment). Then the culture fluid stack of desired yeast is transferred into a special fermentation vat that contains some diluted molasses with water , its PH is adjusted such that is equal to 4.5. diluted molasses with water is the production of a aqueous solution containing about 10 percent sugar. Some ammonium sulphate (0.15 pound for every 2.5 gallon molasses) is added to this solution to provide required nitrogen for growing the yeast (sacharomyces cerevistac) also some sulphuric acid (17% pounds and by baume of 60 centigrade degree for any 1 gallon molasses) is added to make an acidic environment and prevent from growing obstrusive bacteria. Therefore the yeast is provided in this way and transferred into special fermentation vats. Because of produced heat during fermentation operation , temperature is increased gradually and should be checked by cooling coils or cold water spray. Fermentation operation is began within several hours after adding yeast and it is intensified after 24 hours and usually it is completed during 30 – 70 hours. In this time , its specific gravity remains constant. In this stages , the product contains 6% – 8 % alcohol. The fermented liquid remains in static state for several hours , then it is distilled so that the product will have the maximum concentration of 96 % alcohol 4.4 % water. Next the final product is supplied for sale as rectified spirit , denaturated alcohol in market. production flow graph of ethyl alcohol from molasses the list of equipment and machinery 1) molasses saving reservoirs 2) diluting reservoir 3) soaking reservoir 4) fermentators 5) a reservoir for keeping weak alcoholic extract 6) distillation tower and separating a product 7) alcohol purification tower 8) heat exchanger 9) a reservoir for keeping furnace fuel 10) a reservoir for keeping ethyl alcohol 11) dictation vats 12) boiler 13) sterilizer analyzing costs for producing 20000 liter ethyl alcohol / day 1) hall = 1500 m2 - 2) the number of workers = 40 person - 3) land and building = $ 28125 - 4) machinery = $ 78125 - 5) fixed investment = $ 106250 - 6) required investment for monthly working = $ 19437 - 7) required investment for quarterly working = $ 58312 - 8) sum total investment = $ 164562 - 9) annual production coast = $ 266965 - 10) annual receipt = $ 300000 - 11) annual profit = $ 33034 - 12) the return rate of capital (yield) = % 20.07 - 13) break - even point = % 58.3 -
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