Polyester Chip Plant
We can offer the following plants as Turn-key projects: Polyester chip plant Polyester production plant polycondensation plant Turnkey project-polymerization line Turnkey project-hot melt Adhesive plant(500~5,000 TPA) Turnkey project-polyester chip plant (2,000~150,000 TPA) Turnkey project-film grade polyester plant (2,000~150,000 TPA) Polytex is a professional engineering company,which is designers, Manufacturers and contractors of turnkey polymerization and fiber lines. Product Name: Polyester Polymerization Lines Product Description: Polyester batch type, Polytex tech,Polytex Design,PTA or DMT based (Batch-poly) Polyester continuous polymerization, PTA base, Polytex Design (CP) POLYTEX CHEMICAL ENGINEERING CO.,LTD http://www.polytex.cc http://www.polyester.cc Email: [email protected] ; [email protected] Add:No.18 Wenchang Mid Rd,Yangzhou city,Jiangsu ,China POST:225000 Tel:86-514-85553618,87859276,85106586,85106596 Fax:86-514-87857559
Sector: Plastics
Country: China
Area of Application: polymerization and fiber lines
Keywords: polyester,textile,polymerization,fiber,yarn,plant,pilot plant,pet,pbt,pen,lab,staple fiber,ssp
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Transfer Terms: Consultancy , Technology Licensing , Turnkey
Target Countries: World Wide
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Contact Person: Polytex Chemical Engg. co.
Address: No.18 Wenchang Mid Rd,Yangzhou city,Jiangsu ,China
City: yangzhou
Country: China
Zip/Pin Code: 225000

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