Fractional Distillation Contract Offer for 2, 4 Di chloro Phenol
we want to distill our product 2,4 Di chloro Phenol having purity of 90 % to achieve a purity of 99.5 % purity. Anyone who is having a fractional distillation unit with a column height of around 100 ft and intersted in taking up the offer for this assignment , may kindly contact us.
Sector: Chemicals
Country: India
Area of Application: Chemical industry
Keywords: fractional distillation unit, 2, 4 Dichloro Phenol
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Technical specifications:  
Transfer Terms: Subcontracting
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Contact Person: CPCB registered unit
Address: Naya Bazar, East Jumma masjid Chowk,
City: Muazffarpur
Country: India
Zip/Pin Code: 842001

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