Manufacturing of Sodium Sulphide
Sodium Sulphide Introduction sodium sulphide is a yellow or brick red compound that is applied mainly in textile industries , paper mill , artificial silk and curriery , this material has also good situation from export view. formula Na2S (without water) color yellow or brick red apparent situation lumps or flakes or deliquescent crystals specific gravity 1.856 melting point 1180 ° C solvability it is solved in alcohol and water but its insoluble in ether. Ignitability its ignitable All kinds of sodium sulphide : 1) flake sulphide , flakes (% 60 Na2S) 2) % 60 fused and broken 3) %30 crystals Application and usage cases : The main application cases of sodium sulphide includes : 1) it is used in dyeing textiles , leather , artificial silk and other chemical industries. 2) Sodium sulphide is used in curriery industries. 3) It is applied in paper mill. 4) It is used in making textile sulphuric dyes. To study on industrial place : Sodium sulphide has many usages in industries and regarding these industries are developing , therefore the consumption of sodium sulphide has an ascending movement. However sodium sulphide has also a good situation from export view. Way of production : The main raw materials for producing sodium sulphide includes : 1) sodium sulphide and 2) coal all of these raw materials are found naturally and abundantly in India. Way of making : Sodium sulphide and coal are mixed with a ratio of 2 : 1 . about %5 of sodium carbonate is added to it. This matter is acted as both rate of current and a neutralizing agent for any free acid. The mixture is put in a reverberatory furnace (flame) at 1000 ° C. the revival is lasted 2 – 2.5 hours. The obtained product from furnace is famous as black ash that is cooled , cut , washed several times by warm water and sodium sulphide is extracted at 50 ° C. different kinds of yellowish brown sodium sulphide are obtained in this way , but white sodium sulphide crystals can be obtained by adding %5 of sodium cyanide to liquid before crystallization. Reaction : Na2SO4 + 4C Na2S + 4CO Na2SO4 + 2C Na2S + 2CO2 Equipment and machinery list : 1) reverberatory furnace (flame) 2) jaw culture 3) ball mill 4) cooler wagons 5) rinsing tanks 6) reserving tanks 7) other secondary supplies analyzing costs for producing 1 ton (metric) sodium sulphide / day 1) assembly hall 400 m2 2) the number of employees 15 persons 3) land and building $ 10157 4) equipment and machinery $ 6563 5) fixed capital $16719 6) required capital for monthly working $2325 7) required capital for quarterly working $6975 8) total capital $23694 9) annual production costs $32250 10) annual receipt $40938 11) annual profit $8688 12) the return rate rate of capital %36.60 13) break – even point 44.05
Sector: Chemicals
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Area of Application: Leather industry , dyeing textiles , artificial silk , curriery industries , in paper mill , in making textile sulphuric dyes
Keywords: sodium Sulphide , sodium sulphate , coal , Leather industry , dyeing textiles , artificial silk , curriery industries , in paper mill , in making textile sulphuric dyes
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