Three-in-one Beverage Maker
A “three-in-one beverage maker: This is a kit which is portable and allows the user to simultaneously make three functional beverages as per his/her choice. The kit has been shortlisted for BIOASIA 2009 Innovation award. With a unit machine the simultaneous production of three different beverages like probiotic dahi: yogurt: wine is possible. Alternatively, the user can also make yogurt or dahi with three different flavors. With a single machine it is also possible to set up three different types of wine fermentations. The apparatus can function in the temperature range of 25-37oC.
Sector: Food Processing
Country: India
Area of Application: It is very useful home appliance but can also be fabricated to a larger dimensions and can be used to set cottage industry or for use in beverage industries.
Keywords: Functional food maker, beverage-maker, probiotic dahi, wine
Advantages: • This beverage-maker enables the production of a full range of beverages resulting from Lactic acid bacteria or yeast fermentation or both. • The kit is complete by itself and is reusable. For preparation of wine, the kit includes small aliquots of spray dried brewer’s yeast cells. For preparation of lactic acid fermented products, the users can use the commercially available dairy products as a source of starter culture. • The consumer can set up three different types of fermentation simultaneously at one particular temperature with different starter culture or different milk/fruit juices juice. • Alternatively using the kit the user can also try to ferment at different temperatures for greater diversity of product obtained. • The equipment has fewer process control limitation to achieve a wider range of alcoholic content than other alcoholic beverages on the market made from grain/juice. Controlling starting conditions like fermentable sugar, fermentation time and fermentation temperature leading to yeast fermentation will enable the control of alcohol content of the product. From the innovation a full range from 1-14% alcohol concentration theoretically is possible Fortified formulations are also possible • Controlling the starter culture, fermentation time and temperature will also enable the control of lactic acid fermented product. • The kit enables the user to introduce their choice off additives (flavors, medicinal herbs) • Power consumption of the present design of the kit is very low.
Environmental aspects: Energy efficiency
Development Status: Laboratory Model
Legal Protection: Patent in Progress
Technical specifications: The three-in-one beverage maker is a custom made machine. It can be fabricated according to the capacity requirement. The smallest scale of operation is 100 ml of three types of beverage. The smalles
Transfer Terms: Technology Licensing
Target Countries: World Wide
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