Activated Carbon from Rice Husk Using Chemical Compounds
It is widely know that black carbon has special advantages for improving and correcting rubber mechanical properties. This material is used in producing rubber goods like tubes , tyres , irrigation rubber pipes , boots and etc. also it is used for producing some colors. Black carbon is formed as graphite without air and because of temperature at 3000 ° C. when we inflame it on the air , it burns without flame and smokes. Black cardbon acts as a conductor of electric current and isn’t a part of incendiary and explosive materials. It is a strong filtering material it self and increases the resistance of tension force and other properties of rubber goods. Watery carbon solution is obtained as a by - product in the phase of burning naphtha imperfectly in the converting unit into gas during the synthesis of ammonia. Watery carbon solution is available plentifully in the units of F.C.I co. ltd in trombay , naya nangal and gorakpur in India. This watery product contains % 11 carbon and the rest is water and is provided by these units and based on their carbon rate. black carbon is produced chiefly in more scale and its different method of production include : 1) thermal process 2) lamp black process 3) channel process 4) furnace process equipment and machinery list 1) steel retorets 2) activating furnace 3) pulverizer 4) blender 5) boiler 6) generator and other supplemental supplies In countries such as India , activated carbon is produced in large quantity. However the degree of purity of black carbon manufactured in these countries has considerable scope for improvement. There are an essential need for establishing the production units of activated carbon with high degree of purity. The demand for activated carbon has been steadily increasing world wide. Cost analysis : For producing 2 tons (metric) activated carbon / day : 1) assembly hall = 300 m2 2) the number of employees = 18 person 3) land and building = 11250 $ 4) equipment and machinery = 14062 $ 5) fixed capital = 28125 $ 6) required capital for monthly working = 2406 $ 7) required capital for quarterly working = 7219 $ 8) total capital = 35344 $ 9) annual production costs = 36516 $ 10) annual receipt = 51562 $ 11) annual profit = 15047 $ 12) the return rate of capital = 42.57 % 13) break even point = 48.99 %
Sector: Chemicals
Country: Islamic Republic of Iran
Area of Application: Energy related sectors including power generation units such as biomass power plant, rice husk ash based plants, non-crystalline silica plants.
Keywords: rice husk, activated carbon , si gel, sodium silicate, activated Carbon, rice husk ash
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