Manufacturing of Water-proof Cement
Cement is the most important building material that’s used in the construction of buildings and structures. It is important to have the cement with a water proof quality to ensure that the building does not get weakened when in contact with water. Applications : Water proof cement is used in water reservoir , sewage pipes and other building such as dams , bridges and etc. The demand of this product is increased over the years. The minimum plant capacity required in the production of this material is 2 tons (metric) / day. There are a variety of chemical compounds used for making water-proof cement. They are 1) Calcium Stearate 2) Calcium Resinate 3) Ammonium Stearate Of all the above mentioned chemicals, Calcium Stearate is the best waterproof material. The manuafcturing process involves following stages. 1) The reaction of Calcium Chloride with Sodium Stearate. 2) Drying 3) Treatment with chalk. 4) Grinding 5) Packaging First , Calcium Chloride and Zinc Stearate are dissolved separatedly in warm water. Then they are transferred to a reservoir for mixing at 90 – 95 °C . Temperature is raised by passing the fresh steam through the solution. Then they are separated and rinsed with hot water. Then, they are dried at 80 – 90 °C . Some additive materials such as chalk are added it , then they are Powderized . List of equipments and machinery : 1) saving reservoirs 2) reservoirs for solving 3) reservoirs for doing a reaction 4) tray dryer 5) small boiler 6) centrifuge 7) other additive supplies 8) installations and vehicles Cost Analysis for Manufacturing 2 tons (metric) water proof cement / day 1) burrow = 375 m2 2) the number of employees = 10 persons 3) land and building = $ 9454 4) equipment & machinery = $ 12032 5) fixed investment = $ 21485 6) required investment for monthly operations = $15847 7) required investment for quarterly operations = $ 47541 8) total investment = $ 69025 9) annual production costs = $ 193875 10) annual receipt = $ 204510 11) annual profit = $ 10635 12) the rate of return on capital = 15.4 percent 13) break – even point = 39.12 percent
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