Glass Wool Production Line
We can offer Glass Wool Production Line / Glass Wool Machine with the following specifications: 1. Workshop area: 3,000m² 2. Natural gas wastage: 252 x 104Nm 3. Compressed air: 20m/h, 0.8MPa 4. Product spec: 1). Dia. of fiber: =0.8um 2). Heat conductivity: 0.042W/mk 3). Working temperature: 400oC (max.) 4). Density: 15-50kg/m³ 5. standard: GB/T13350-2000 6. Product series: glass wool board and glass-wool belt, pipe and so on.
Sector: Machinery & Equipment
Country: China
Area of Application: Construction and Insulation.
Keywords: Glass wool, glass fiber, fiberglass, glasswool, glasswool production line, glasswool machinery, glass wool machine, fiber glass machine, fiber glass production line
Advantages: · Good thermal insulation performance · Incombustible material · Sound absorption performance and excellent noise reducing effect · Low moisture absorption rate · Low aging rate · Excellent handling characteristics
Environmental aspects: Cleaner Production , Waste utilization
Development Status: Idea
Legal Protection: Trade Mark
Technical specifications: HIM-GW-3, HIM-GW-5, HIM-GW-6, HIM-GW-8, HIM-GW-10, HIM-GW-15
Transfer Terms: Turnkey
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