The invention mentioned here could be a potential solution to the problem of oil crisis, carbon dioxide emission and also to avoid global warming and pollution due to emission from motor vehicles. The research outputs of this project could be applicable for all vechicles to save/reduce the fuel consumption by 72 % in .1) Air crafts 2). Roadways 3).Railways a.Thermal .b Electrical .4) Ships and marine vessels.The overall results show that there is 1.) a decrease in pollution by 87.2).Fresh air is relesed into the atmosphereby 900 times more than usual oxygen, when the vechicle is in driving state .3).Triple times increase in velocity is gained with no mishap 4) The battery of the vehicle gets automatically charged.. The potential applications of this technology is not limited with the above benefits. When properly applied, it could bring about suitable environmental changes in the atmosphere such as enhanced rainfalli.e 400 times more rain fall with 900times more oxygen after rain fall on next day, decrease in pollution. Besides, this technology could be scaled-up to large vehicles, satellites and numerous other applications as well.
Sector: Energy
Country: India
Area of Application: Transport sector
Keywords: fuel consumption, transport, CO2 emission, engine
Advantages: Money savings upto 72% . environment-friendly.
Environmental aspects: Energy efficiency
Development Status: Idea
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Technical specifications: cost of my project is *US$1 11374398877.613 PER COUNTRY
Transfer Terms: Consultancy
Target Countries: World Wide
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