Bitter Gourd Juice for Type-2 Diabetics Patients
A process for the production of bitter guard hypoglycaemic drink for the control of diabetes. This is the functional drink, person suffering from type-2 diabetes mellitus or Health conscious peoples who would like to prevent this disease mellitus (type-2) Bitter gourd or Karela is well known ayurvedic herb to regulate blood sugar level. In this process karela juice is extracted with unique art of technology.karela fruit rich in bovine insulin like Guramrin and other medicinally important components. The processing also helps in increasing the shelf life of the processed Bitter guard juice up to 12 months. during storage it was also noticed that the Taste, colour and appearance is acceptable.
Sector: Food Processing
Country: India
Area of Application: Estimated future demand Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder, has assumed alarming proportions. A WHO estimate shows at least 171 million people world wide have diabetes and this is likely to increase to 366 million by 2030. According to Indian Council of Medical Research, there are around 35 million diabetes in India and these figures will rise to 80 million by 2030. Developing countries will show more of this increase due to population growth, ageing and unhealthy diets. Another reason to increase demand of this product is the growing incidence of Type- II diabetes at a younger age. The American Diabetes Association, a non profit organisation and an authority on diabetes care stated that nutrition and physical activity are integrated components of primary prevention. Therefore, to prevent/ delay complications due to diabetes, a developed functional drink will definitely have a demand in future
Keywords: Bitter Gourd, Karela, Type-2 Diabetics, Ready to serve Juice
Advantages: 1: Bitter gourd is rich in iron, beta-carotene, and potassium. 2.It can relieve constipation and improve blood circulation, thereby producing slimming effects on the body. 3. Bitter gourd contains essential vitamins and minerals; its regular use helps to prevent many complications such as hypertension, eye complications, neuritis and defective metabolism of carbohydrates. 4. It is also used as a blood purifier due to its Bitter tonic properties. 5. It is extremely effective in the treatment of diabetes and psoriasis.
Environmental aspects: Cleaner Production
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