POREL 100 – air filtering device
The offering client, a Hungarian SME has developed an innovative new compact room air filtering machine. The company has been working on innovative products for more than 15 years. Besides the development and manufacture of air filtering systems their other activities include manufacture of electronic devices together with repairing and distribution of communication engineering devices. Innovation of the product: Water absorbs polluted materials, which are originated on the Earth and airborne. Data on sea and ocean pollution is the prior evidence. Wind is the force that moves the airborne polluted materials. Wind is coming from air humidity and its differences. Wind creates a perfect and natural air technical process when getting slower then faster, stopping and getting faster again, twisting and spinning and stopping again. During this process airborne polluted materials ascend and descend, and grow faster and slower the same way. If they lose their kinetic energy above water, they are absorbed by hydro energy and cease to be polluting any more. The new LLTS-system accomplishes artificially the same process by copying the nature. It includes vacuumed space, water surface increasing, water microwave and bubble production, water curtain and water-air currents, air technical rectifying, pollution absorption by water, increase of water hydrostatic and low energy consumption therefore it is a more efficient and economical machine. LLTS-system is a new Hungarian innovation, which has been recognized in numerous national and international invention meetings. I. Inventors` Olympic Games- Genius Prize (1998) VIII. Hungarian Innovational Competition- Acknowledged Certificate (1999) II. Inventors` Olympic Games-Genius Prize (2000)
Sector: Environment
Country: Hungary
Area of Application: Potential areas of use: 1. In spaces not bigger than 100 air m3 such as living areas, children’s rooms, offices, schools, places of entertainment and catering, work places where allergies like dust, pollen, hair, feather, fume and smoke can occur and can be absorbed. 2. Sterilization of ventilated air. 3. Equalizing the temperature between ground and ceiling in high ceiling spaces. 4. Increasing humidity in dry places as well as decreasing humidity in wet places. 5. Decreasing static charge due to the rise of air humidity. 6. Ceasing all allergies caused by dust and smoke. 7. Curing allergies via sterilized, natural remedies. 8. For people suffering from asthma or allergies.
Keywords: air filter, air pollution, filtering, vacuum; environment
Advantages: Main advantages: Non-filter based (works with water and vacuum) Instead of using a costly filter, in the LLTS-system water acts as a filter with the same efficiency. Scent of Home Cozy fragrance lingers around the room from the water in LLTS. Safe It uses 12V and a casual adapter belongs to it. Short-circuit is unlikely to occur because of the way it has been made even in a case of turn over. Therefore the apparatus can be safely used in children’s rooms as well. Easy Maintenance Smooth, sophisticated body of the air cleaner makes it easy to clean and operate. Low Noise Level Due to the air technical form there is no need for using a high voltage fan in LLTS. It has 2 switches, so the speed can be adjusted if needed. Low Energy consumption On 220V it consumes only 8 W! Low Cost Eliminates smoke form rooms Well suitable to be used in rooms occupied by smokers. Eliminates kitchen smells Able to put inhalation drugs into room air Could be well used E.g. by patients with asthmatic or allergenic problems.
Environmental aspects: Cleaner Production , Energy efficiency
Development Status: Commercial Prototype
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Technical specifications: TECHNICAL FEATURES: - energy consumption: 8W - water in filter: 4.3l - measurements: length: 340 mm width: 200 mm height: 260 mm - texture: fine plate - surface: acid and alkali res
Transfer Terms: Joint Venture , Technology Licensing , Equipment Supply , Research Partnerships
Target Countries: World Wide
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Contact Person: Laser Consult Ltd (Hungary)
Address: H-6701 PO Box 1191.
City: Szeged
Country: Hungary
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