Innovative Aluminium Flat Solar Collector
The first and most important characteristic feature of this solar collector – differing from the general types- is the technical solution where the heat absorbing surface is the same as the heat transferring surface to result in the highest heat-performance and efficiency. There’s no mediatory unit between the heat-transferring surface of the absorber and the heating agent that means no galvanic corrosion, which would work as insulation. There’s no bad pressing or assembling, which are all inefficiency factors. The main unit of this system is the hot pressed and uniquely alloyed aluminium plate profile, designed especially for this purpose. In the profile shallow channels for liquid are formed and they are fastened to each other parallel at a certain distance. The tips of the profiles are lead in to the distributing or collecting pipes supplying them with an ideal capacity of 1.7 litres and the two necessary inputs and outputs. The second most important characteristic feature of this solar collector is the homogenous alloyed aluminium made and used for this particular design. It has really good heat conductivity (235 W/m°C) and is also weatherproof, non-corrosive, light (density not more than 2.8 kg/dm3), easy to work with and assemble and is one of the cheapest materials on today’s market. The third most important characteristic feature of this solar collector is its surface treatment that differs from the technology used with the general types. The surface treatment that is used on the alloyed aluminium plate is unglazed black elox coating, which has a high specific heat-absorbing rate of the solar radiation (near to 90%) whilst at the wave-length given by its own temperature the specific heat-emission rate is relatively low (about 10%). Electro-chemical methods are used to apply the elox coating to make the surface more endurable, as they give a 10-18 micron thick metallic oxid layer. This thick layer excludes the possibility of galvanic corrosion with its electronic insulating effect while the heat insulation is insignificant, the efficiency is very high and it’s also aesthetic. The collector house is a really important part of this solar collector and for this purpose specially alloyed aluminium frame profiles are used. Its advantage is that the solar collector is aesthetic and the mass is considerably reduced, thanks to its size, which means a 6.1 cm thickness, 2.0x1.0m overall measurement and 38.6 kg mass. The bottom of the collector-house is made of cold-rolled, alloyed aluminium panel. Another important part of this solar collector is glazing. Its task is to let in and stop the rays of Sun on the free surface (that is 1.94x 0.94m), while reducing the convective heat-loss of the absorber panel with its heat-insulating power. High purity, low iron, tempered antireflective solar glass is used. The fact of being tempered and the thickness of the glass (4 mm) are the guarantee that it won’t get broken during transportation and installation, and is snow-proof and hail-proof. To increase the efficiency of this solar collector heat insulation is used. The company insisted on having foil-faced polystyrene or combined mineralwool-polystyrene heat insulation. This solar collector is designed to be dismountable if needed, the parts are replaceable and also the insides can be cleared of humidity.
Sector: Environment
Country: Hungary
Area of Application: Potential areas of use: Producing domestic hot water (DHW) Supplementary heating of buildings Heating indoor and outdoor pools
Keywords: flat solar collector, aluminium solar collector, renewable energy, solar energy, solar collector
Advantages: Main advantages: - Heat absorbing surface same as heat transferring surface - No inner fluid turbulence - Closed, specially coated flat-plate collector - Purpose-made, alloyed aluminium plate profiles - Exclusive surfacing with electro elox coating - Mounted with antireflective solar glass - Specific heat-absorbing capacity close to 90% - Possibility of galvanic corrosion precluded - Also operating at diffused light Systems mounted with these new solar collectors are 25-30% cheaper in the first diabatic circle compared to their competitors!!!
Environmental aspects: Cleaner Production , Energy efficiency
Development Status: Commercial Prototype
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Technical specifications: Technical features: Size: 2000 x 1000 x 62 mm Area: 1.82 m² = 19.59 ft² Weight: 38.6 kg = 85.10 lbs Volume: 1.7 l = 2.99 pts Capacity: circa 2600 W/piece Working pressure: 4 bar
Transfer Terms: Technology Licensing , Equipment Supply
Target Countries: World Wide
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