Vacuum Tight Feed -Through For Thermo Vacuum Testing of Electronic Sub-Assemblies
A Vacuum tight feed-through (Flange to be mounted on Th-Vac chamber) using off the shelf “D” type connectors for the thermo-vacuum testing of electronics components and sub-assemblies. Conventional test set-up is shown in Fig-1. Flanges of such type especially with “D” type with co-axial contacts and normal pins were developed and are being used for Test and evaluation of electronics packages. The technology could be offered under a licensing agreement.
Sector: Electrical & Electronics
Country: India
Area of Application: Thermo-vacuum testing of space grade sub-assemblies of Payloads, Spacecraft or Launch vehicles etc. Electronics components characterization in vacuum. Potential use in Vacuum based coating chambers, Semi-conductor industry, Vacuum based coolers development. Also useful to Non-vacuum chambers user in industries and scientific organizations. This technology also can be used to make cheaper electrical feed-thru for all vacuum/non-vacuum based equipments used in ground test systems.
Keywords: SAC, TTID, Thermo-Vacuum
Advantages: •Uses off the Shelf connectors and easy to fabricate. •No bulky connectors, easy to handle and store the flange. •Reduces the numbers of flanges and also cost compared to that of using conventional round shell connectors. •Speeds up the test preparation and helps in compressing schedules
Environmental aspects:
Development Status: Fully Commercialized
Legal Protection: Patent
Technical specifications: •Achievable Vacuum : Better than 10-5 Torr •Temperature range : -15 to + 70? C for DUT or Package under test •Weight : < 5 Kg
Transfer Terms: Technology Licensing
Target Countries: India
Contact Person: Space Applications Centre (ISRO)
Country: India
Zip/Pin Code: 380 015

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