Spine Stabilizing Implant Family
Our partner is a medical instrument manufacturing company. The company has developed a spine stabilizing implant family. The CK-type spine stabilizer implants help in the correction of the position of the vertebrae and in the formation of bony joints. The hollow stabilizers, made of titanium alloy (Ti 6Al 4V ISO5832/3) are for human implantation. Two variations are available on a size range: one for the lumbar vertebrae and the other for the cervical vertebrae. The implants are to be used in case of degenerative instability of one or two segments of the lumbar and cervical spine. On the lumbar segment - after proper preparation - the implants fit into the vertebral laminae with self-threading threads, which gives good mechanical stability. The different holes on the surface of the implant provide the direct contact to the bone chips, filled into the inner cavity of the implant, with the connected vertebrae. This helps in the development of bony connection. The so called supporting function is important which’s main point is that it widens the narrowed gap between the vertebrae. This also helps to recover the lumbar lordosis. Two pieces of implant are required for stabilizing a pair of vertebrae.
Sector: Medical Technologies
Country: Hungary
Area of Application: Medical instrument manufacturer Medical instrument distributors Health centers, medical institutions, hospitals, clinics
Keywords: medical instrument, implant, spine
Advantages: Main benefits: - competitive price - flexibility and durability - strong implant fixation in the inter-vertebral space - safe - best visualization on X-Ray The implant (cage) enables simultaneously the holding of the desired gap between the cervical vertebrae, preservation of cervical lordosis, segmental stabilization, and creation of conditions necessary for ossification. They are suitable for stabilizing independently certain type of micro instability. The surgical intervention of the larger scale instability, vertebrae skidding has to be combined with back side stabilizing system.
Environmental aspects: Not Applicable
Development Status: Fully Commercialized
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Technical specifications: Medical applications: - Instability due to progressed degenerative intervertebral discus diseases - Instability of one or more segments after previous discus surgery - Instability due to spinal i
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