Vertical Storm-drainage System
Usiing pipes dug into the ground and arranged in agrid, it will be possible to remove water logging, replenish ground water levels and conserve water.
Sector: Environment
Country: India
Area of Application: Municipal and local bodies, houseowners, etc.
Keywords: Groundwater Replenishment Tube (GRT), Vertical Storm-drainage System (VSS)
Advantages: The ensuing VSS system is highly suited to terrain that is uneven. It requires no power, no pumps, even in low lying areas. The solution is passive. The cost is very low, almost marginal. Savings in upkeep and maintenance are enormous
Environmental aspects: Cleaner Production , Energy efficiency , Systems integration
Development Status: Pilot Plant
Legal Protection:  
Technical specifications: Custom built system designs
Transfer Terms: Joint Venture
Target Countries: World Wide
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City: New Delhi
Country: India
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