Carrier Materials for Mosquito-larvae Killing Pesticides
Our partner, a Hungarian Institute has developed a novel way for the production of carrier materials for mosquito-larvae killing pesticides. They are interested in a license agreement for the production of pesticide carrier substrate or selling of production equipments or the carrier material itself.
Sector: Biotechnology
Country: Hungary
Area of Application: Typical application areas: - environment protection - agriculture - tourism - war against malaria, dengi and mosquito-spreaded diseases Typical customers: - municipalities - government (E.g. India)
Keywords: mosquito killing, pesticide, carrier material for pesticide, environment protection
Advantages: Advantages of the technology: - The special low-density highly porous carrier material can absorb a lot of liquid (ca. double of its weight), namely the fermentation liquor containing larvicides - The air-drying in mild conditions gives a stabilized encapsulated biological mosquito killing agent without liophylization step - The chemical composition of the granules gives an appropriate medium to stabilize and enhance the effectivity of the enzymes of larvicides Advantages of the product: • Low-density and sizes • Cheap air-spreadability • High surface density on water • Controlled larvicide capacity • Floatability and time-dependent sinkability • Low production costs • Selectivity for blood-sucking mosquitoes • Combinability with other active ingredients • No environmental pollution • Long storage ability • Combination with attractants for female mosquitoes to put larva in a treated area
Environmental aspects: Cleaner Production , Energy efficiency
Development Status: Pilot Plant
Legal Protection: Patent
Technical specifications: The subject of the present invention are carrier materials for mosquito-larvae killing pesticides (carrier composites). Numerous insecticide preparations have already been developed for exterminating
Transfer Terms: Technical Services , Technology Licensing , Equipment Supply
Target Countries: World Wide
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Contact Person: Laser Consult Ltd (Hungary)
Address: H-6701 PO Box 1191.
City: Szeged
Country: Hungary
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