Compressed Earth Block Technology
Hydraform manufactures and sells hydraulic block machines for onsite production of interlocking dry stacking soil-cement blocks. Hydraform specializes in Compressed Earth Block Technology which facilitates the production of high quality, cost effective interlocking building blocks. No burning of blocks/bricks is required which saves trees and cuts back on air pollution. Blocks are produced with local soil (laterite) and 5-10% cement. Minimal mortar is used thus lowering building costs significantly. Hydraform has been manufacturing block machines for over 20 years; this means that through extensive and continuing research we have produced some of the most reliable and robust building machinery available to the world market today. Hydraform also manufactures a range of conventional construction machinery to complement their block-making machine range and is branded Vibraform. The Vibraform machines produce a wide range of bricks: from paving bricks, hollow cement blocks to retaining wall blocks. Hydraform also supplies pan mixers, soil crushers, vibratory sieving machines and a full range of tools for your block yard set-up.
Sector: Construction
Country: South Africa
Area of Application: The Hydraform building systems are extremely popular worldwide and can be found in over 50 different countries, with in excess of 2500 machines already sold.
Keywords: block machine, hydraulic block machine, compressed earth block, earthquake resistant building, earthquake proof building
Advantages: Lowers cost of building as it uses between 5 and 8% cement. No mortar is used as blocks are interlocking and dry stacked on top of each other. Hydraform building systems are very environmentally friendly as nor burning of bricks is required.
Environmental aspects: Energy efficiency
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Transfer Terms: Equipment Supply
Target Countries: World Wide
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Address: 220 Rondebult Street Libradene Boksburg
City: Gauteng
Country: South Africa
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