A Device For Tracking and Cleaning Solar Energy Plants
An innovative method in sun tracking and cleaning developed by Gayatri Energy of India may pave the way for reducing the tracking cost of solar energy plants employing single axis and dual axis trackers and also the maintenance cost related to cleaning. The economies of scale are proportional to the size of the plant. Solar panels and reflectors requiring sun tracking are being tracked with huge number of electrical equipments and complex gearboxes. Large number of motors and gearboxes increase the capital investment and the associated maintenance cost. Utilities sometimes go for large sized panels in order to reduce the number of motors and gearboxes. Gayatri Energy has developed a system based on a novel principle which helps in reducing the count of electrical equipment drastically. Accuracy, reliability and life of the new devices will be at par with existing systems. The devices will be compatible with all types of weather .Thousands of panels spread on vast stretches of land can be controlled from a single point. When employed for single or dual axis tracking the cost per megawatt will be at least half of the cheapest tracking system available in the world. One of the obstacles to the mass scale deployment of any solar system is the lack of an effective cleaning system. Globally 25 to 35 percent efficiency of solar panels is lost due to absence of effective cleaning systems. Presently cleaning of panels and reflectors is done manually, by spraying water and soap solutions, by robots etc. When water is sprayed at high pressure lot of water is wasted. Gayatri Energy has developed a cleaning system which can be used with any type of reflector or panel. Plain, parabolic, dish or any other type of reflector can be cleaned with this system. The device can be used by domestic consumers as well as utilities. A 100 MW solar plant can be cleaned in 30 minutes with this device. The entire cleaning operation can be controlled from a single point. The device can be used for removing dirt, dust with very little water. In cold countries snow can be removed easily with this device. Presently domestic customers in cold countries give AMC for cleaning. The use of this device will practically eradicate loss of efficiency due to dirt, dust, snow etc.
Sector: Renewable Energy Technologies
Country: India
Area of Application: Renewable Energy Generation
Keywords: Solar, Tracking, Reflectors, Dual Axis, Single Axis, Cleaning, Automatic
Advantages: 1. Low cost 2. Innovative Technology 3. Enhanced Solar Energy Harnessing 4. Reduces pay-back period 5. Self-Cleaning system 6. Can clean 100 MW plant in 20 mins 7. Suitable for domestic as well as industrial scale consumers
Environmental aspects: Cleaner Production , Energy efficiency
Development Status: Design
Legal Protection: Patent
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Target Countries: World Wide
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