Vacuum Pump Filter
The present technology for vacuum pump filter uses electrostatic precipitation principle to filter out all the dust, mist, oily and gaseous particles in filter fluid stream which is going towards the vacuum pump. The additional fixtures like flame proof panels and flame proof fixtures makes the filter effective for use in flame proof environment like: - Solvent recovery systems; - Semi conductor(s) process systems in Bulk drugs and pharma; - Semi conductor(s) where fumes of explosive nature is produced. Dry air from the object moves inside the vacuum pump filter. The current flow generates the electric field which in turn charges the particles present in the dry air. The electric field so produced leads corona generation (free electron generation). The free electrons so produced then combines with the gas molecules to from negative gas ions which subsequently gets collected at the charged collection plate. These ions in turn get transferred to the discharge electrode and the gas flows out through the plate precipitator.
Sector: Metals & Metallurgy
Country: Hungary
Area of Application: Potential areas of use: - Vacuum drying; - Vacuum packaging; - Vacuum solvent distillation; - Vacuum furnance; - Lamp manufacturing; - Electronicsprocessing; - Glass bottles molding; - Vacuum conveying; - Vacuum fermentation; - Vacuum handling; - Vacuum filling; - Vacuum impregnation.
Keywords: Pump filter, Vacuum, Filter
Advantages: - Very low (negligible) pressure drop. - Very low operating cost. - Low maintence costs for vacuum pumps. - Saves lot of oil and water. - High up time. - Zero / low system breakdowns. - No disposal problems (in hazardous materials handling process). - Very consistent vacuum levels in process. - Can filter gaseous impurities effectively up to 0,1 mikro size. - With passage of time filter efficiency will not be affected – no chocking. - Can withstand high operating temperatures up to 200 deg c. - Filter is effective for particles less than 0,1 mikro. - Can reclaim collected materials easily after filtration. - Suitable for any chemical environment like acids & alkalis. - Can stop the oil back streaming in diffusion vacuum pumps. - With very high returns on investment right from 10 days to few months (depends on application). - No periodical replacement is needed.
Environmental aspects: Not Applicable
Development Status: Fully Commercialized
Legal Protection: Patent
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Target Countries: World Wide
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