Aircraft and Engine Overhaul
• Major Overhaul of VSU AI-9 • Major Overhaul of VSU AI-9V • Major Overhaul of AN-2 Aircraft ? engines ASh-62 IR (15 & 16 series) ? main glider and all systems • Production of unique Gas-Dynamic Plants (Know-How) • GDU “Typhoon” • GDU “Typhoon-M” • Agricultural Services Based on Know-How Technologies
Sector: Aerospace
Country: Russian Federation
Area of Application: Overhaul and repair of starter engines (VSU AI-9 and 9V) for Soviet - Russian made helicopters. Full overhaul and repair of AN-2 aircraft. Using helicopter starter engines agricultural machines have been created: GDU “Typhoon” and “Typhoon-M” (enterprise know-how) which are used for cultivation of crops and fields: to fight with pests. Similar smaller plants adopted for use with poultry and cattle-breading farms.
Keywords: Helicopter, AN-2, Agriculture, Pesticides, Poultry, Cattle Farm
Advantages: The unique Gas-Dynamic plants (enterprise know-how) has already being successfully used in Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries to battle locusts, Colorado beetls and other agricultural pests. "Typhoon's" successfully operate at poultry and cattle-breading farms without harming inhabitants. Enterprises repair base proved to be one of the leading in the area of repairandoverhaul of helicopter starter engines and AN-2 aircraft (also very widely used in agricultural sector). Management of the enterprise is always open and ready to work and explore new areas employing conversed military technologies and it's base .
Environmental aspects: Systems integration
Development Status: Fully Commercialized
Legal Protection: Trade Mark, Patent
Technical specifications: Repair of helicopter starter engines: - VSU AI-9 - 30 days - VSU AI-9V - 45 days. Gas-Dynamic Plants: - GDU “Typhoon”: field capture bandwidth- 50-300 meters, effectiveness - 270-600 hectare/hour.
Transfer Terms: Joint Venture , Technical Services , Equipment Supply , Research Partnerships
Target Countries: Malaysia, Maldives, Mexico, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Poland, Qatar, Republic of Korea, South Korea, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan Province Of China, Thailand, Turkey, Viet Nam, China, India, Indonesia, Islamic Republic of Iran, Kazakhstan, Korea, Democratic People's Republic Of, Lao People's Democratic Republic
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Contact Person: MOTOR Aircraft Overhaul Enterprise
Address: 112, Surovtseva Street
City: Omsk
Country: Russian Federation
Zip/Pin Code: 644015

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