Gas Reciprocating Power Plant
ADVANTAGES OF GAS-PISTON POWER PLANTS: 1. 2.0-2.5 cheaper than foreign analogues 2. Easy to maintain and operate 3. Quick recoupment 4. Easy to start up at low temperature 5. Low noise level 6. Quick entry to exploitation 7. Low price of electrical power (3.6-4 cent for 1 kW/hour) 8. Different kinds of execution (on the frame, in block-container, etc.) 9. Gas-piston power plants can work in parallel with each other or with the main network (according to the wish of the Customer) 10. It is possible to synchronize up to 32 aggregates of similar capacity (according to the wish of the Customer) 11. Production time from 15 days 12. The power plant can work in constant conditions (24 hours per day) 13. Low concentration of harmful substances thrown in the air 14. Trunking gas, propane butane mixture, biogas, mine methane and associated petroleum gas can be used as fuel. 15. Minimum terms of installation. With help of gas-piston power plants utilizing associated petroleum gas your company can get cheaper electrical power and cut expenses on buying electrical power for own needs. Utilization of associated petroleum gas helps to reduce emission of harmful substances to the atmosphere and helps to avoid paying of possible fines and penalties. Gas piston power plant is able to pay for itself in 3-4 months!
Sector: Energy
Country: Russian Federation
Area of Application: Oil refineries, gas plants, associated petroleum gas
Keywords: power plant, energy, gas reciprocating power plant, associated petroleum gas
Advantages: 1. low maintenance costs 2. will pay for itself in 3-4 months 3. helps to utilize associated petroleum gas and at the same time to produce cheap electrical power 4. ecologically friendly equipment
Environmental aspects: Waste utilization, Energy efficiency
Development Status: Fully Commercialized
Legal Protection: Patent
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Transfer Terms: Turnkey
Target Countries: Liberia, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Yemen, World Wide, Egypt, India, Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kuwait
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Contact Person: MetalPromExport LLC
Address: Vostochnaya street 12
City: Rybinsk
Country: Russian Federation
Zip/Pin Code: 152900

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