A New Patented Method and Device to Locally Forecast and Mitigate Threat and Damage of Earthquakes and Volcanoes
Using our method and apparatus you get ability to monitor evolution of EQ in its focus at different phases and forecast with required accuracy time, locus and magnitude of the future EQ. It is a passive mode of using our technology. When active usage we analyze dynamic of stress and define the exact time and place for external artificial impact on EQ’s focus. With such target impacts become very effective because we catch the EQ in its most sensitive phase. It gives us a chance to exchange a devastating EQ into series of safe seismic shocks without alerting. Theory of such impacts, instruments and experience is available. The approach is also applicable for volcanoes.
Sector: Environment
Country: Russian Federation
Area of Application: We propose a theoretically grounded and experimentally proven method and device for automatic monitoring and prediction of tectonic processes with an option to choose a location and timing for impact on earthquakes (EQ) and volcanoes to reduce their threat and damage
Keywords: Earthquake. Volcano. Stress precursor. Local forecast of time, locus, magnitude. External impact. Mitigate threat and damage
Advantages: The first time in history when the vertical gradient of stress field in rocks is directly measured in skin-deep well. We can actively use our local forecasts of time, locus, magnitude for external artificial impact on EQ’s focus to reduce threat and damage of future EQ an volcanoes’ eruptions
Environmental aspects: Forecast and Mitigation of Earthquakes’ and Volcanoes’ Threat and Damage
Development Status: Design
Legal Protection: Patent
Technical specifications: Supervisory polygons will be established to protect cities and other critical infrastructure. A polygon is formed by a network of shallow deep wells drilled to a depth of about 100m with our device fo
Transfer Terms: Joint Venture , Technology Licensing , Research Partnerships
Target Countries: Georgia, Germany, UK of Great Britain & Northern Ireland (the), Greece, India, Indonesia, Islamic Republic of Iran, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Democratic People's Republic Of, Kyrgyzstan, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Portugal, Qatar, Canada, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan Province Of China, Thailand, Turkey, United States, United Arab Emirates, Central African Republic, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, France
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