A sensor for Detecting. Air Leakage In Packed Items And Storage Plants.
The present invention provides a sensor for detecting the oxygen leakage in packed items and storage plants. The present invention further provides a process for preparing the sensor by ion-pairing of methylene blue (MB) with dodecyl sulphate (DS) to produce a water insoluble form of dye (solvent soluble and compatible with food items), which can be used to create an UV-activated, oxygen sensitive indicator that can be printed on a variety of different hydrophobic polymers. The sensitizer in the indicator solution is TiO2. The present invention also provides a method of detecting air leakage using the sensor with high sensitivity and high reproducibility. The detections are based both on the changes in color of the sensor as well as resistance of sensor. The developed sensor gives visual response in less than a minute. The indicator sensor is bleached quite rapidly under UV light and recovers their original color when exposed to air. The rate of recovery of original color of these nanotechnology based sensor is proportional, to the ambient level of oxygen.
Sector: Packaging
Country: India
Area of Application: 1.Food packaging Industry. 2.Medical devices. 3.Other such Industries using vaccum packaging.
Keywords: <gas sensor><air leakage detector><sensor for packaging industry and storage plants><sensor for vaccum packaging>
Advantages: 1.It can be coated on the plastic materials normally used for packaging. 2.It cab be applied in the form of thin sample in very simple ways via brush,normal pen or general printing process or can be printing with the help of ink jet printer. 3.It can give very fast visible color indication of the air leakage within minutes. 4.It can also give changes in terms of resistance/conductivity for raising an alarm in case of air leakage. 5.Several months of reusability and stability. 6.Its not harmful to food.
Environmental aspects: Prevent Contamination Due to Air Leakage
Development Status: Laboratory Model
Legal Protection: Patent
Technical specifications: the sensor is capable of detecting air leakage visualised by change in color from white to blue in the presence of air.when optionally combined with an electric current, it generates a signal(alarm)wh
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