Sensor for Detecting Nitrogen Dioxide Gas
A novel nitrogen dioxide gas detecting film has been developed. The detecting film is based on light emitting conjugated polymer Poly [2-methoxy-5-(3’,7’ –dimethyloctyloxy) -1,4-phenylenevinylene (MDMO-PPV). It has been demonstrated for the first time that a thin film of MDMO-PPV deposited on glass substrate or filter paper can be used to sense NO2 gas by just change in color at room temperature. It has been observed that the bright orange fluorescence of MDMO-PPV is quenched to yellow in color in the presence of NO2 gas above 150 ppm level in few seconds. The quenching time is proportional to the concentration of the NO2 gas. The quenching of the fluorescence of the detecting film after exposure to NO2 is also studied by absorption and emission spectroscopy.
Sector: Manufacturing
Country: India
Area of Application: The tecnology is useful for monitoring nitrogen dioxide in 1.Factories. 2.Environmental monitoring. 3.Medical applications
Keywords: <gas sensor><sensor for monitoring nitogen dioxide><nitrogen gas sensor film>
Advantages: 1.Easy detection procedure in the form of color code in few minutes above 150 ppm. 2.A sensor based on conjugate polymer on various substrate such as glass, plastic or paper. change in color of the sensor is observed on exposer to any other gases and chemical vapors like LPG, ammonia gas, hydrogen peroxide and alcohols. 4.process is very cheap and hence can be used as disposable strips.
Environmental aspects: Security Purpose
Development Status: Laboratory Model
Legal Protection: Patent
Technical specifications: A conjugate polymer polyp[2-methoxy-5-(3',7' -dimethyloctyloxy) -1, 4-phenylene-vinylene (MDMO-PPV) based NO2 gas sensor film.
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