Rapid test for Multidrug Resistant Infections
This technology suggests a rapid testing and profiling kit for multidrug resistance bacteria and for enabling real time monitoring so as to save lives, minimize expenses and reduce spread of drug resistant infections. The invention provides a solid support for bacterial culture of the type having an absorbent testing surface for solid phase bacteriological testing, comprising a plurality of intersecting lines of antibacterial compositions subdividing the surface into a multiplicity of individual test areas, antibacterial compositions serving as an effective barrier for preventing interference between adjacent test areas. A system based on using a selected enzyme as a marker for determining the sensitivity of an infection to antibacterial drugs and for identifying drug resistant strains. The system consists of two kits. The first kit detects the presence of a multidrug resistant bacterial infection and informs which, if any, of the beta-lactam antibiotics of choice can be used. If other antibacterial drugs are considered a second test kit provides the sensitivity profile needed for evidence-based treatment. It also includes the option of rapid identification of the infecting agent. Both kits are designed for direct pointof- care testing. Results of the first can be ready in less than 20 minutes; results of the second, in less than 3 hours.
Sector: Medical Technologies
Country: India
Area of Application: medical and diagnostic industry.
Keywords: Multidrug Resistant, Infections, antibiotics
Advantages: Simple—neither kit requires special equipment or skills, Testing can be directly scanned; progress of the reaction can be displayed in real time on computer screens, Save lives, minimize expenses and reduce spread of drug resistant infections., Technology can be used for all the bacterial infection
Environmental aspects: Not Applicable
Development Status: Laboratory Model
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