A Novel Composition for Skin Problems
The present technology is related to the development of a novel inter and intra multilamellar vesicular composition (drug delivery) which contains an antipsoriatic drug dithranol. This carrier/delivery system keeps the dithranol in stable form during storage (i.e. before application to the skin). This will prevent oxidation of dithranol and subsequently the formation of oxidized products that cause irritation and staining (and these oxidized products do not exhibit any antipsoriatic activity). Secondly, after application to skin, the carrier system result in a controlled release of dithranol to the affected area, this will bring about a sufficient reactivity (i.e. auto-oxidation reaction) in order to exert a desired therapeutic action with minimum of side effects. The drug is dispersed at the molecular level within such an inter and intra multilamellar design. This formulation design is novel in the sense that it provides the desired micro-environment for the drug activity. The microstructured carriers help in the desired delivery of the dithranol molecule to the various psoriatic targets at the inter and intra cellular level as the drug finds an improvised access therein that allows to accommodate dithranol molecule at the inter and intra compartmental spaces. And, it provides the drug a desired physicochemical cover so that the molecules are dispersed at the molecular level in a biphasic state (i.e in the hydro-lipophilic ambience). Chemical degradation reaction that generates the free radicals is controlled in this carrier system.The carrier system not only makes the drug safely and effectively delivered but also makes the drug-receptor interaction at various levels of targets (cellular, intercellular and intracellular) as the drug molecules are encaged strategically in the entire system. The carrier also improves the rheological behavior (i.e thixotropy) of the formulation so that the molecules are confined to the afflicted area and do not spread to normal skin tissues surrounding the psoriatic lesions. The latter minimizes the irritancy and skin staining while the conventional formulations are unable to prevent the contact of dithranol with normal skin, which is the prime cause of these side effects. The carrier also makes the drug easily washable which otherwise gets strongly absorbed onto the fabric and makes the clothes heavily stained (in conventional formulation). Further, there is observed a synergism in the therapeutic action by way of the formulation components as the dose is reduced significantly i.e approximately 50%. And the product does not require the incorporation of other frequently used agents like salicylic acid that are known to cause irritation, as dithranol alone is sufficiently effective on its own Thus, there is an overall improvement in the formulation on varied fronts of efficacy and safety, which is worked on the principles of improvised delivery.
Sector: Pharmaceuticals
Country: India
Area of Application: Pharma industry.
Keywords: skin problems,cellular, intercellular and intracellular
Advantages: Drug doesn’t need additional support of Salicylic acid and occlusive plastic covering onto the affected site Drug reduction and improved therapeutic index Improved characteristics in terms of shelf-life, efficacy, safety, rheology and cosmetic Prolonged and Pronounced local action Drug has shown improved patient compliance and can be used for various skin ailments Skin nutrition Control on drug release, reactivity and stability Less staining and easily washable
Environmental aspects: Not Applicable
Development Status: Laboratory Model
Legal Protection: Patent in Progress
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Target Countries: India
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