Vacuum Pump Filter
The present technology safeguards all types of Vaccum pumps from contamination from dust, mist, oily & gaseous particles by providing a unique kind of filter which operates on Electrostatic precipitation principle. The technology also provides a low cost Ultra High vacuum pressure electrostatic filter, which can filter effectively up to 0.3- micron size. This filter can eliminate chemical fume and solvent by 80%. The efficiency of 99.9% filtering of different foreign material can be achieved. The electrostatic filter can be used for all kinds of vacuum pumps up to ultra high vacuum pumps. Filter characteristics: Traps all particles (solid, liquid, gases), Traps even up to 0.3 microns particles. No periodic replacements. No choke up. High efficiency (more than98%). Others features such as increased area of collection electrodes, a separate cleaning fluid inlet valve. More grounded collection area for fumes and collectants are provided to improve filter efficiency and to increase filter cleaning period. All of these additional fixtures are provided to overcome the limitations of the existing mechanical filters and to improve the overall efficiency of all kinds of vacuum pumps. The provision of additional fixtures like flame proof panels makes the filter suitable for use in flame proof environment like solvent recovery systems, semi conductor(s) process systems in Bulk drugs and Pharma and semi-conductor(s) processes where fumes of explosive in nature are coming from process towards Vaccum pump. This makes this vacuum filter system to be more acceptable for large masses. A number of mechanical filters are currently being used to address the problem of accumulation of foreign material but they have their own drawbacks such as • Cannot traps liquids/gaseous impurities. • Can work well up to 10 Microns • Chokes very often • Consume more power up to 70%. • Generates lot of effluent. • Generates low vacuum by 40% These drawbacks can be easily overcome by use of the aforementioned technology. Electrostatic precipitation.
Sector: Medical Technologies
Country: India
Area of Application: Medical and many other industries.
Keywords: Vacuum Pump Filter
Advantages: Can be easily incorporated in the existing model of vacuum pump. Reduce maintenance on vacuum pumps. Suitable all type of Industry/ processes. Reduce Energy costs, Reduce cycle time. Safeguards all types of vacuum pumps with 98% efficiency. Improve vacuum levels, Improve process efficiency.
Environmental aspects: Not Applicable
Development Status: Laboratory Model
Legal Protection: Patent in Progress
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Target Countries: India
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