Preparation of Ferrofluids with desired magnetization characteristic
The main object of the technology is to provide a novel two stage process for preparation of ferrofluids to obtain SP particles(superparamagnetic particles) in a narrow size distribution (3-11 nm), avoiding any process steps that lead to destabilization of the particles in a ferrofluid, and also to prepare superparamagnetic particles that are amenable to storage. The two stages are: In the first stage, precipitation happens in the presence of surface modifying agents to obtain dried SP particles (superparamagnetic particles) that can be stored and transported in a non-hazardous manner. The particles depending on their application are dispersed in a known volume of carrier liquid to obtain tailored ferrofluid. In the second stage of the novel method, bypassing the typical dilution process that may destabilize the fluid is done. To prepare the SP particles (SPP), Fe2+ / Fe3+ based substances in an acetone and ammonia solution, added, stirred and heated. Magnetic particles collected under the influence of a magnet field are finally washed with water and acetone several times and dried. This procedure performed is half the task completed quicker. In another embodiment of the technology, the required weight of the dried SPP is added to the carrier liquid and after centrifugation, gives the required magnetization ferrofluids.Chemical tests showed successful creation of ferrofluids using the novel with measured magnetization from12 - 30 emu/cc at room temperatures.
Sector: Medical Technologies
Country: India
Area of Application: Medical industry.
Keywords: desired magnetization,characteristic
Advantages: Improved process then existing Superior product. Useful for many technological, biological, medical purposes, materials science and engineering. Stable magnetic fluid(Product). Huge market and diverse application. Magnetization from 12 - 30 emu/cc at room temp.
Environmental aspects: Not Applicable
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