Biodegradable Polymer Scaffold for Wound Dressing, Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering
The present technology provides a process for preparation of biodegradable polymer scaffold which can be used for tissue engineering, drug delivery and/or wound dressing. Scaffolds are (porous artifacts) central components which provide an architectural context in which extracellular matrix, cell-cell and growth factor interaction combine to regenerate tissue. The biodegradable polymer scaffold is made from fusion of polymer particles entrapping protein/drugs/growth factors. In this process fusion of the polymer particles occurs at the contact points between the particles retaining the morphology and structure of the particles. The fusion of the particle occurs when the surfactant coated polymer particles at subjected to alcohol such as ethanol. This phenomenon of fusion of the polymer particles results from surfactant mediated fusion of polymer particles which is associated with sudden desorption and collective motion of the surfactant molecules during alcohol treatment. The fusion of the polymer particles occurs at room temperature or at Scaffold Microscopic Viewmuch lower temperature. This process is useful for preparation of stable structures of polymer membranes and scaffolds with desired shape, size and topology.
Sector: Medical Technologies
Country: India
Area of Application: medical industry.
Keywords: Wound Dressing, Drug Delivery,Tissue Engineering.
Advantages: Used for wound dressing, drug delivery and tissue engineering. No residual of salts in scaffold, hence no side effects. Used as carriers for biologically active materials. Scaffold is biodegradable. Can also be used for artificial skin grafting. Contains growth factors which enhances wound healing process. For in vitro three dimensional growth of animal cell. Used for dual purpose such as wound dressing and tissue regeneration.
Environmental aspects: Not Applicable
Development Status: Laboratory Model
Legal Protection: Patent in Progress
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Target Countries: India
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