A Prophylactic Contraceptive for HIV/AIDs
The present technology provides a novel active principle of plant origin i.e. Acaciaside – B (Ac-B), that possess virucidal and spermicidal properties. The active principle may be useful in the preparation of OTC formulations/vaginal contraceptive for emergency protection against HIV-1 infection during heterosexual interaction or unwanted pregnancy. The technology further suggests the method for simultaneous prevention of HIV infection and unwanted pregnancy in a subject. The contraceptive efficacy of Ac-B has been assessed in rabbits by following intravaginal application and the result for the same is given below.
Sector: Pharmaceuticals
Country: India
Area of Application: Medical industry.
Keywords: HIV/AIDs,liposomes, microparticles.
Advantages: Ac-B has both virucidal and spermicidal properties Pure Ac-B is a natural compound of herbal origin. Minimum Effective Concentration (MEC) for human spermicidal action is much less (125 microgram/ml) than that of N-9 (200-250 microgram). Ac-B doesn’t interfere with the growth of vaginal microflora. Ac-B threefold larger size than N-9 favours poor absorption through vaginal epithelium and entry into systemic circulation. It doesn’t show any mutagenic and adverse effects on vaginal ecology.
Environmental aspects: Not Applicable
Development Status: Laboratory Model
Legal Protection: Patent in Progress
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