Silicone Artistic Paint
Background information If the silicone artistic paint were invented centuries ago, we would not have to worry now about the shortness of the remaining time while we are able to marvel the works of universal pictorial art in their genuineness and their brilliant colours. It is the dreaded fear of painters and art collectors alike that one day the painting, which has required a lot of work to accomplish, or an enormous of money to buy starts to get dark, crackle, or peel. All these phenomena occur simply because the paints containing adhesives of vegetal origin swelling under the impact of humid air, start shrinking in a dry environment until they completely desiccate, thus oxidation commences, and sooner or later it is time to call the restorer. That is why experts, artists and lovers of the art are equally happy and can't wait to welcome the invention. Innovation of the technology The silicone artistic paint contains the same pigments, as the traditional paints. Its application is easy and simple. It has a liquid adhesive, a spray that cross-links when it cools down, transforming the paint into a double-component silicone-rubber. It is possible to paint with it using water-colour, transparent coating or pastose techniques, or with a thick, so-called three-dimensional application - with brush, spatula, ink pencils, painting-knife, paint pipe- any which method. The inventors do believe that the application domain of the silicone artistic paint is unlimited, and even goes well beyond its feasibility in the field of pictorial arts, as it is being merely one of the segments.
Sector: Other Technologies n.e.c.
Country: Hungary
Area of Application: Potential areas of use: • Fine art • Painting Typical customers: • Artists • Studios • Painters • Designers • Decorators
Keywords: Paint, Silicone, Art
Advantages: Main advantages: The works painted with this paint are everlasting: • they do not age, • do not have to be restored, • they are indifferent to the relative humidity of the surrounding air, heat, cold and the oxygen in the air.
Environmental aspects: Not Applicable
Development Status: Fully Commercialized
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