A Liquid Anode Radiation Source with Head Stand Capability
Our partner, a Hungarian University has developed a novel invention which is a liquid anode radiation source with head stand capability. The client is looking for partners to further improve the new type of patented x-ray tubes, to develop it into a product and to launch it on the market. Background information In the area of x-ray tubes, the trend in technical development is currently toward reducing the size of the focal spot, raising the thermal loadability of the anode, and raising the maximum current. A significant increase in the maximum tube current has been made possible through the introduction of the rotating anode, the use of which reduces the heat load on the anode by distributing the heat over a larger surface. The next technical improvement in terms of loadability was the introduction of the liquid anode. The drawback of this type of anode is the fact that the issue of stabilizing the flow of fluid has not been resolved. It only operates in a particular orientation or the electron cloud used in creating the x-radiation must be transmitted through a thin window, which is highly vulnerable. Innovation of the product The current technology represents a general source of x-radiation capable of resolving or surmounting the problems noted above, unlike solutions currently in practice. Very large tube currents can be attained in the array while the size of the focal spot is reduced. The array that constitutes the invention facilitates operation in any orientation, and with it the electron window mentioned above can be abandoned. In certain cases, the technology is capable of operating at several times a constant tube power of 5kW.
Sector: Other Technologies n.e.c.
Country: Hungary
Area of Application: Potential areas of use • Imaging & Diagnostic • X-ray tube • CT (Computer Tomograph) • Security technologies • Quality assurance systems
Keywords: X-ray, x-ray tube, radiation source, liquid anode, tube current, focal spot, x-ray physics, diagnostics, imaging, CT, computed tomograph, CT safety, µCT, radiography.
Advantages: The invention offers several advantages over solutions that reflect the current state of the technologies. Very large tube currents can be attained with the embodiment, and it also overcomes the disadvantage in rotating anode tubes of only being capable of operating at maximum tube current for a short period of time due to limited heat transfer capacity.
Environmental aspects: Not Applicable
Development Status: Laboratory Model
Legal Protection: Patent
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Transfer Terms: Others , To Develop it Into a Product and to Launch it on the Market.
Target Countries: World Wide
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