Seeking Innovative Technologies and Products to Produce Healthier, Well Styled Hair.
We are working with a leading manufacturer of personal care devices that is searching for truly innovative technologies and products to produce healthier, well styled hair. We are seeking an appliance-based solution to replace existing topical products, which satisfies one or more, of the following categories for use in a domestic, home environment. Prepare:- Technologies that cleanse, nourish and stimulate the scalp, to enhance healthy hair growth from the root Repair:- Technologies that bring real sustainable repair to the inner and outer structure of the hair, thereby making it appear shiny, thick and bouncy without frizz Style:- Technologies that produce longer-lasting styles/shape to hair fibres, and hence styles with improved protection against changes in external conditions (humidity, UV, heat etc) We are interested in appliances, delivering a proven technique/science or a combination of appliance plus a topical consumable. We are NOT interested in chemical solutions alone. We are also particularly keen to review solutions from outside the personal care industry, for example, modifying proteins, processing fibres, adding value to textiles, etc Hand-held / portable devices to achieve the following:- ? Stimulate hair growth from the root (i.e. via enhanced blood flow, follicle nourishing) ? Deeply cleanse the skin and hair follicles of the scalp ? Restructure the bonds in hair to achieve better results and longer lasting styles ? Neutralize static charge or other deleterious effects to reduce frizz ? Offer similar or better end benefits over existing topical solutions Technology to allow the following:- ? Modify existing hair-care devices to incorporate secondary treatment ? Device-driven delivery of materials that enter and effect hair fiber’s inner structure, or otherwise influence it to create shape, strength and elasticity ? Application of coatings to cover a fiber’s outer structure and provide protection from UV rays and create shine ? Adaption of professional hair treatments for consumer environments ? Device activated use of topical treatments / cosmetics ? Use of innovative physics to achieve structural change in physical fibers / hairs / textiles The key criteria to be met by the opportunity are:- ? Device-based ? Proven feasibility in terms of prototypes, consumer testing and scientific studies vs existing solutions ? Relevant innovative value to the consumer ? Solution fitting existing consumer behavior of product usage and daily hair care routine ? Solutions that can be sold in the range € 10-500 (dependent on the benefit it brings) The client company is a leader in innovative design and branding of products and is able to offer any potential partner the benefit of extensive marketing and cost-effective manufacturing. We are willing to explore any reasonable commercial arrangements, including licensing in, strategic alliances, partnering arrangements or even outright acquisition. Please send preliminary information on any proposed opportunity – including a short description, technical and marketing advantages and initial suggestions on possible methods of co-operation to . Thank you. Strategic Allies Limited, The Red and White House, 113 High Street, Berkhamsted, HP4 2DJ, UK; Tel. +44 (0)1442 860634
Sector: Electrical & Electronics
Country: United Kingdom
Area of Application: Haircare
Keywords: Healthy well styled hair technologies and products.
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Transfer Terms: Joint Venture , Technology Licensing
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Address: 113 High Street
City: Berkhamsted
Country: United Kingdom
Zip/Pin Code: HP4 2DJ

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