New design of tire by Mobius Strip
The Möbius strip, also called the twisted cylinder is a one-sided nonorientable surface obtained by cutting a closed band into a single strip, giving one of the two ends thus produced a half twist, and then reattaching the two ends. This idea is applying of Möbius strip on the tyres that use in different kinds of vehicles. Tyre is usually a ring shaped structure, but in this technology, the tyre will change to the Möbius strip in the form of appendix: Möbius strip obtained from a papery strip at rectangular figure for example in dimensions of 1 x 10 inch ABCD: that turn this strip semi – rotary and stick end of each 2 other of that, as AB not repose on the CD but repose on the DC, This ring only has the one surface as if place a pencil on the one point of that and drawing a line and go front regularly, will reach to the same 1st point again. In second formula may be use from 2 Möbius strip as they stick each other from flank for producing of new tires now the tyres are exist in market that may be say they are twin and a furrow is exist in middle of tyre probably that tires are used in lorry and trailer. May be use from second formula by formats designed in picture that contorted places in Möbius strip are distinct by black solid circles. In this idea may be make a version of this tyre & or designing by solid work & or catia and or other current software’s & related hardware’s used in tyre manufacturing companies (if it possible) for evaluate and understand of twists & corners and other changes created in new tyre and applying of them on the moulding of tyre that in companies said are used from 2 mould with each other (probably are said negative moulds) for forming of tire with determined design. Produced in this idea in speeds of more often of 80 mph is agent of increase of speed of vehicles & in time of to brake in said speeds help to brake process that will be cause the vehicles faster be stop namely increase of safety of vehicles and persons into of vehicles. This idea probably only and only may be usable on the 3 categories under the following: 1) The vehicles that have ABS brake or latest version of new developed brake. 2) Tubeless tyres. 3) Car racing The part of picture that distinct by cross mark is same of middle furrow in tyre.
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