Metal Reclamation Technology in Electroplating
Our client is a SME in Hungary. They offer an equipment for recovering metals, applied in electroplating technique of surface treatment. It can be used to recover the metal waste, which arises during the silver-, copper-, tin-, nickel-, eventually zinc plating process and it can be recycled into the electroplating process. The investment returns in 3 or 4 years. The equipment was designed for recovering all the metal ions from the flushing water. Along the galvanic line, 90% of the galvanic solution sticked to the metal surface aggregates in the economy rinsing vat while the rest 10% comes to the stream rinsing vat. The aim is to recover all metal ions from the solution aggregated in the economy rinsing vat (90% of the total loss). This aim can be reached by electrolysis. As metal ions remain in the solution after the process, the solution is reverted and the electrolysis is repeated. This technology can be used for chloride ion free and chlorid containing solutions, as well. Further results are the reduction of the quantity of galvanic sludge during the process and easy reuse of the metal recovered. Innovative aspects: The process of metal reclamation is known but the other technologies are uneconomical. The novelty of this process is the concentration of the solutions, such as the extremely low level of the metal loss and this technology is economical, the investment returns in 3 or 4 years.
Sector: Environment
Country: Hungary
Area of Application: Potential users: - Companies providing electroplating services, - Companies active in metal processing and/or machinery industry having an in-house electroplating workshop.
Keywords: Metal, reclamation, recovery, electroplating
Advantages: Main advantages are as follows: • an economical method, the investment returns in 3 or 4 years in a medium-sized enterprise, • an environmental friendly method, dangerous emission (quantity of galvanic sludge) can be radically reduced, • the metal loss of the electroplating can be reduced to 1-2 %, • costs of deposition of the dangerous waste (galvanic sludge) can be reduced, • the equipment works automatically, expensive labour force is not necessary.
Environmental aspects: Waste utilization
Development Status: Fully Commercialized
Legal Protection: Secret Know-How
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Transfer Terms: Technology Licensing
Target Countries: World Wide
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