Silicate-based Lightweight Building System
Our partner, a Hungarian SME has developed a new silicate-based lightweight building system. This innovative construction technology is the result of a long-lasting search and development meeting the requirements of the latest market trends and serves as a really simple and fast building procedure. The client is seeking for partners (governments/companies/investors) for knowhow purchase or joint ventures abroad. Innovation of the technology The technology can be defined as a silicate-based lightweight building system. The building blocks are already covered by the insulating material and serve as remaining formwork elements at concreting procedure. After the concreting the formed reinforced concrete tissue grid in the special elements becomes load-bearing. There is no need for applying any subsequent heat or sound insulation. During the development we continuously tried to work out the simplest construction technologies. The primary components of the plaster or gypsum fiber sheet the weapons of which provide the fast solidification and subsequent hardening of the reinforced concrete of the inner wall surface texture, the outer layer of plaster makes up the final surface of the internal and external walls. The second component is mineral wool or silicate foam which is responsible for providing heat and soundproofing and ensures the fire resistance of the wall. The third is a fabric reinforced concrete grid which gives the system earthquake resistance and ensures rigid box-like wall and floor structure. In the improved version of the system new kinds of materials, for instance: silicate foam can appear that would only further increase the quality, reliability of the product. The system is documented and presented in the reference houses and the gained experiences practically demonstrate when using this technology, economy results from the simplicity and speed of the technology as well as the rational use of raw materials. Furthermore the maintenance of the completed buildings can be extremely beneficial. Remarkable feature is that the building blocks can be produced both on manual and machine-made lines. Any size of residential home can easily be created by learning the use of technology of module elements, either the owner building it himself or in bee system under the direction of a responsible technical leader; the system serves as a cost-effective solution for the creation of a home or other community buildings. The formwork elements can be applied not only as building block of the system but independently as subsequent fire-protective, heat-insulating walls. The building structure compared to traditional monolithic structure is significantly lighter and stronger.
Sector: Construction
Country: Hungary
Area of Application: Our goal with our new building system is primarily to ensure an alternative technology for home builders on the already crowded world market offering tectonic materials for construction. Using the easy to install elements, such self-supporting storey and attics can be achieved which has not had any appropriate solution so far. Providing the technology and building blocks of residential buildings, we would like to create opportunity to their own investments for those who wish to build with lower incomes with their "DIY" method that proved to be very popular in the past. In compliance with the rigorous requirements we offer our fire-resistant, easy to install wall modules for industrial buildings to construct boundary and partition structures. Since the system is earthquake-resistant, it is extremely well suited for the reconstruction of disaster-stricken areas; furthermore it is also suitable for upgrading in traditional renovations. The basic materials are to be found anywhere in the world and thanks to the easy-to-carry tools this technology is applicable around the world.
Keywords: Silicate; lightweight; building system
Advantages: • Silicate-based lightweight construction does not contain any wood or organic material. • "Breathing", vapor pressure equalization of wall and floor structure. • Incombustible, fire-resistant exterior components. • Sound-bridge- and heat-free, heat-sound-proof. • Building block surfaces are partly ready. • Environmentally friendly building. • Rapid on-site installation, construction time of a 100 m2 ready-storey residential building is 10 working days. • Also suitable for new, modern ECO residential buildings. • Cost- and material-saving. • Manual labor construction and does not require other lifting machinery. • Material cost of a structurally complete, 100 m2 residential floor areas built in m2 approaches the cost of traditional brick buildings, however, the construction time is extremely fast on-site so manpower labor cost is saved. Due to very good ventilation, the walls of the building dry almost immediately and thus it ensures favorable inclusion.
Environmental aspects: Cleaner Production
Development Status: Fully Commercialized
Legal Protection: Patent
Technical specifications: The main components of the technology • Plaster • Gypsum fiber • Rock wool • Foam silicate • Concrete When producing these building elements and construction, there is no need for greater
Transfer Terms: Joint Venture , Technology Licensing
Target Countries: World Wide
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Contact Person: Laser Consult Ltd (Hungary)
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City: Szeged
Country: Hungary
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